Friday Dance Party

Inspired by a slice I read yesterday about dance moves in Kindergarten, I decided to observe our pre-k Friday dance party and slice about it.

Spring is in the air and energy is high in Room 1. We end every Friday with a KiDZ BoP dance party where the kids pick the songs. Today’s play list Shake It Off, Despacito, Uptown Funk, Happy, and Thunder.

Today’s dance party include a plethora of dance styles. We had head boppers, booty shakers, and coordinated back up dancers performing the impeccable dab. Rock stars with air guitars and tongues out. The uncoordinated fellows bumping into everyone and falling regularly to the floor. Two partners dancing what looked like the Night at the Roxbury skit on SNL. A few professionals with all the right moves, sways, and dips. The wanna be breakdancers, spinning on their bottoms. The moon walking, Bruno Mars inspired smooth dancers. Finally my personal favorite the dance like no one is watching confident ones.

Sitting back and observing the dance floor it reminded me of adults the last hour of a wedding when inhibition and the fear of looking silly have gone by the wayside. Except it’s just Friday in Room 1 where we let loose with the only intent of having fun.


A Not So Special Specialist

I needed to make an appointment with a specialist today so when the chipper lady on the phone said why don’t you come in tonight we have a 5:15 opening I jumped on it . I mean what specialist has evening hours and the same day availability.

Red Flag #1 I called another office to have records faxed over, perfect no problem. Three hours later the nurse informs me that the fax number doesn’t work and nobody is answering their phone when she calls. No biggie I swing by the office pick up the records and take them with me.

Red Flag #2 I pulled into the parking lot, cool it’s a newer building with a list of Dr. names on the sign outside, Huh I don’t see the doctors name, I’ll just go inside and check anyway. Great his name is on the door, maybe he just moved there.

Red Flag #3 The waiting room is small but filled, this is going to be awhile, no worries at least they got me in today. I sign in and wait, and ask if I need to fill out any paperwork. As I’m filling out the paperwork the receptionist is yelling across the very small room asking me all my medical questions like she’s a reporter putting on a newscast for the waiting room.

Red Flag # 4 I am led back to the small examination room only 40 minutes late, not to horrible, I’ve waited longer. The nurse asks me a few questions one of which is do you know your blood pressure, um no not off the top of my head. She huffs says ok let me get the cuff and tromps back in to take my pressure. Seriously WT(expletive).

Red Flag # 5 As we’re finishing up on a few more questions I hear the entire conversation, diagnosis, and treatment of the patient in the next room. Hipaa anyone? A vent is split between the two exam rooms and voices echo through as if on the loudspeaker at a baseball game. (Picture Below)

Red Flag # 6 I’m sitting in the room waiting to meet with the physician and writing my slice and the lights suddenly dim. I hear the loud receptionist yell don’t turn them off it shuts the lights off in both rooms and you still have a patient. At this point I’m ready to cut my loss and run. As I am exiting, the doctor is walking into the room. I finally meet with him, discuss pertinent information and listen to what he recommends as a next step. I thank him but not so graciously decline to set up my next appointment.

10 PD Quotes

Ten things said at an Early Childhood Conference.

1. “Are we supposed to be doing anything?” A participant walking in late to the conference.

2. “Sounds like nerds, like the candy!” The lady in front of me when I was playing with a rice tray the speaker left at our table. (Sensory Activity)

3. “Anyone want some honey?” During a break when a person was looking for candy in her purse, it was a full jar.

4. “Anyone see the diet pop anywhere, anywhere?” An educator desperately seeking a pick me up to get through session 2.

5. “I always get inspired at this conference!”A pre-kindergarten teacher learning about a new way to utilize her art center.

6. “Ooohhhh God!” When hearing there will be plenty of “participation activities” during this session.

7. “Are we staying for the free lunch or going out?” By free I mean district paid for it. (We stayed)

8. “Should have gotten here sooner all the good lunches are gone!” Turkey and cheddar it is.

9. “Aww only seats left are in the front.” Should have ate a little quicker and you could of had the coveted back row like me.

10. “I would love to just be in their head one day to see what they are thinking.” A discussion of how children with Autism perceive their environment.

Tuesday Lunch, My Favorite Lunch

It makes Mondays seem easier because it’s only one day away from Tuesday (even better when we have Monday off).

It means not standing in front of the fridge in the morning collecting items to make a resemblance of a meal.

It makes my heart smile a little because I get to briefly see my pre-k team members from other schools.

It’s a standing order so it’s ready and waiting as we arrive to the table.

It starts with crunchy appetizers with fresh vegetables diced and blended deliciously, just the right amount of heat.

It continues with seasoned beef wrapped in corn blankets, snuggled with cheese, cilantro, and avocado.

It ends with a quick goodbye and a see you next Tuesday.

Tuesday Lunch = Taco Tuesday

I Loathe Concrete Dust

My husband works for a redi-mix company and for those of you who don’t know what that is, they mix and deliver concrete to construction sites. My husband works in the yard where the concrete is mixed. It’s basically different kinds of rocks ground into a fine dust, mixed with water and chemicals to create concrete. However that very fine dust finds its way into every crevice of every piece of clothing, of every sock, every shoe, every piece of hair, and even sometimes sticks to his skin just for fun. Thankfully for me he understands how much I dislike this dust and changes out of his work clothes and showers as soon as he gets home. If he didn’t do this it might be grounds for divorce. The dust is so fine it takes some time to build up and notice.


No school today! A welcomed break from work, but as I sauntered to get my coffee in the kitchen I felt the rough bite of the floor, it felt like I was on a sandy beach except I was walking in my hallway. I knew in that moment my day of relaxation had turned into a day of cleaning. Concrete dust in the laundry room, concrete dust in the shower, concrete dust in the kitchen, concrete dust in the carpet, concrete dust nestled tightly between the hardwood floor boards, concrete dust everywhere.

Well I’m finished, it’s just after eleven and the house is clean and fresh. Time to sit back sip my wine (please don’t judge) and enjoy the next four hours until I hear the door open and I have to welcome the concrete monster, I mean my hardworking husband home.

Stranger Things

The worst thing ever, no showers, delivery dinner, junk food, body aches, couch imprints, no make up, hair up, pajamas on, phones off, laughter, tears, cuddles, the best thing ever…….Netflix how I hate to love you!

A quick slice before Season 2 !

The Beast

The beast is 17 years old
The beast is reliable
The beast is strong
The beast protected my husband
The beast delivered furniture
The beast moved many a friend
The beast loves the snow
The beast squeaks and rattles
The beast has lost its shiny coat

Ah the beast …… My husbands favorite truck, it may not look pretty next to the new one but it’s the one he chooses every morning.


PS- He hates that I call it “The Beast”



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