Home Visit Day Hooray!

As I pull up in front of the house, eager eyes appear through the fogged up window wiped clear with excited hands.

A big smile welcomes me as the door is whipped open.

A little confusion in the happy eyes as to why I the teacher is in her the students home.

The ramblings begin….this is dog…he’s silly, I have toys, come play a game, my brother is at school, dad left for work, come see my room, we had a squirrel stuck in there (as she points to the pantry) dad got him out, we can do yoga like at school and she goes through all the positions.

Her mom gently tries to calm her down and apologizes for her energy but she is just being herself and I give mom a reassuring smile that everything is perfectly fine.

I open my enormous red and black plaid bag full of activities and she quickly focuses on the ones she wants to do. We play, cut, color, complete puzzles, sort, count, write, read, converse, and finish with a game of Zingo!

A gentle hug and quick goodbye as the door slowly closes.

Bright cheerful eyes return to the window and two hands feverishly wave as I pull out of the driveway.


Fat Tuesday

The first day of Lent, the day after the delicious Pączki. OH Pączki!! The tradition of eating those delectable delights on Fat Tuesday has been a part of my family long before my parents were born. A tradition my grandmother loved as a child, a tradition that our family will carry on long into the years ahead.

Every Fat Tuesday since Kindergarten my mom would bring Pączki into my classroom for all of the kids and teacher. We would devour them leaving powdered sugar, fruit, and whipped cream staining our faces.  It became a celebrated holiday amongst my classmates and future teachers every Lenten season.

High school came and I thought the deliciousness would end and wouldn’t you know my mom delivered Pączki to my friends and I, she even delivered some to my friends that attended another high school.

In College she drove two hours to be sure that my roommates and I didn’t miss out on this mouth watering tradition.

Flash forward to Fat Tuesday February 28th 2017 at 9:00am my fabulous mom dropped of 15 fresh strawberry Pączki for me and a few of my coworkers. I love traditions; especially sweet savory fried Polish ones.

My 2016 Resolution

In 2016 I vowed I would try something new every month.
In January I dove into the world of Essential Oils and finding natural remedies for everyday ailments. I have found a few I really enjoy but nothing life changing(yet).

In February I joined the local park district recreational center and committed to a full month of working out. If February was successful I would join a gym that offered more structured intense exercise classes in March.

February was a success so here I am four days into March and I have been to three 4:15am classes. Why only three and not four, you wonder?That’s a great question. The first workout was great, I was sweaty, exhausted, and it worked every muscle in the body. I couldn’t wait for the next morning, I had finally found the gym I wanted, not just needed. I was excited after years of excuses I was hooked.

March 2nd, workout number two, it worked every muscle again but it really focused on core muscles and legs. I felt amazing walking out the door, it was exhilarating I had finished another challenging workout. The class ended at 5:00 am, so I had time to jump back into bed after I shower and recoup before going to work.

6:15 my alarm sounds and as I stretch to silence it, I feel just how extreme that workout was. It was a good thing I had a conference to attend, so I would be sitting most of the day, I would be able to relax those muscles. I was sorely mistaken!!

March 3rd my alarm goes off at 3:45, time to get up and moving, my mind was all for it, I was ready to jump up and go. My body not so much. I tried I really did, but it didn’t take long for me to resign to the fact that workout number three was going to have to wait.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just lay in bed all day. I still needed to go to work and educate adventurous and active preschoolers. It must have been amusing to see because a few of my coworkers giggled as they watched me move from the chair, to the floor, then standing, walking to the library, and then back to the floor again. I can only imagine what they saw and the awkward ways I moved trying to find the least painful position. I thought I was hiding my discomfort well until one of my young students asked me if I was hurt and said he would help me up from the chair. He said I should go home and lay down and feel better. I was going to take his advice.

A few hours later it was starting to look like I would be missing that third workout for another day and I searched for some pain relief. I found my answer on Facebook. On my newsfeed was a post about a friend using essential oils, I ran no I limped over to my box of oils and found one for sore muscles. Minutes later my pants were around my ankles and I was frantically rubbing oils up and down my calves, thighs, my lower back, everywhere it hurt, it must have been comical because I heard my husband chuckle as I slathered the oils everywhere I could reach. Five minutes had passed, the pain was disappearing, I had just had my life altering oil moment, I’m hooked.

Workout three completed at 4:15am March 4th.

P R E K I N D E R G A R T E N 

Just a few words about why I love teaching Prekindergarten.















It happened.

It happened, it finally happened. It was unexpected and came with no warning but it happened. I tried to stop it, I fought with all my might but it happened. It’s not for me, I don’t have time, I don’t enjoy it, I protested fiercely but it happened. My friends encouraged, inspired, and pressured but I resisted anyway. And then it happened. The anxiety, reluctance, and fear had been replaced by enthusiasm , confidence and calm. At 3:15 am it happened, and for the first time I was excited about writing and looking forward to the SOL Challenge!

Whew, I Made It!

There is a song we sing in my classroom almost daily about going on a Dino Hunt. We walk across a field, ride our galloping horses, swim across a river, climb a rope, and finally tiptoe ever so slowly into a deep dark cave. And after each activity we remind ourselves WE’RE NOT AFRAID! After we creep into the cave we turn on our flashlights and see a dinosaur as it roars, we bolt out of the cave, down the rope, frantically swim across the river, jump onto the horses and when we are far enough away we proclaim WHEW WE MADE IT!!!

I am on a similar daily hunt, not for dinosaurs but for fitness. I joined a new gym and set out for my first adventure in circuit training. I walked into the gym, “I’M NOT AFRAID”. The class started out slow, just a little warm up. “I’M NOT AFRAID”. We start moving from station to station, just like the song running, lifting, climbing, etc. “I’M NOT AFRAID”. The instructor is “ROARING” at me “I’M NOT AFRAID”. The cool down “I’M NOT AFRAID”. As I walk out the door “WHEW I MADE IT” !!!!

Cell Phone Ride

Monday night is my girls night out, we meet up, enjoy a simple dinner and chit-chat for a few hours. On my way to meet my friends my cell phone rings and our home phone number pops up on the car Bluetooth, at first I laugh we never use the land line ( yes we still have one). I answer and my husband asks where I am, I’m a bit confused he knows where I’m going and I tell him I just jumped on the interstate. His next words sound a tad desperate, ” I think I left my cell phone, on the bumper of your car (he was grilling and uses the timer on his phone, apparently my bumper seemed like a good place to put his phone) please pull over and see if it’s there”. Sarcastically I say sure, ok, let me pull over after driving 3 miles, over railroad tracks, and on to the interstate to see if the phone is there. I realize he is serious so I change my tone. I decide it’s not safe to pull over on the shoulder, plus I couldn’t find my hazard lights, knowing that there is no possible way his phone survived my drive and hoping he is mistaken about where he left it. I tell him I will pull off at the next exit. There is a shopping center right off the interstate so I pull into the Target parking lot skeptical that the phone will be there. I put the car in park and walk to the back of the car and to my surprise what do I find, his cell phone sitting on the bumper. It hadn’t moved an inch, I was doing the happy dance in a very crowded parking lot. Thank goodness we splurged on the heavy-duty case, which just happens to have two rubber strips on the back which apparently kept it from sliding off.  I’m still a bit shocked it held on that long but I can guarantee all of our phones will have cases from that company.

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