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HOP on POP is my favorite Dr. Seuss book and favorite day during Dr. Suess Week. We wear our pajamas, all comfy and warm. We snuggle with friends, teddy bears, cat in the hats, and other stuffed friends enjoying our favorite books for minutes and minutes on end. We eat POPcorn and “POP” for snack. Bet the best part of the day is when we HOP on POP! We roll out long sheets of bubble wrap and patiently stand on the side then on the count of three everyone hops, and hops, and hops. Then we jump, and jump, and jump. Then we stomp, and stomp, and stomp. After we are worn out we drop to our knees and POP the ones we missed with our hands. Wait!! There are still more bubbles to POP so we find a friend and twist the bubble wrap until every last one is POPPED!!!








Thank You Wind 

Thank you wind for the garbage can across my driveway, it made me appreciate my backup cameras.

Thank you wind for blowing forgotten fall leaves across the sensor preventing the garage door from closing, I’m sure my neighbor enjoyed the show.

Thank you wind for blowing my money out of my hand at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru, it made me grateful for the generous worker who just smiled and gave me my coffee.

Thank you wind for blowing the semi truck only partially into my lane, my reflexes are on point.

Thank you wind for the white knuckles on the steering wheel keeping me on my course.

Thank you wind for slamming my hand in between my car door and the car next to me, at least I prevented a dent.

Thank you wind for needing a friend to help open the door, I’ll be sure to make it to the gym tomorrow.

Thank you wind for blowing my sweatshirt in the most unflattering way in front of my colleagues, at least I wasn’t the only one you targeted.

Last but not least thank you wind for giving me something to write about today.


A friend sent me this image today with the message: 

This reminded me of “Pops”.

Pops is my grandfather, everyone who knew him, knew him only as Pops. He lived his entire life in the same town, of course when he was little it was mostly farms and dirt roads. He was a skilled hard working man and soon was responsible for building many of the houses in town. He built a house for each of his children and a few relatives, soon our family all lived within eight blocks of each other. He was a skilled carpenter and as he grew older his body could no longer handle the vigorous labor. So instead of building he would drive around the town visiting all the new building sites and contractors, he would stop and give advice to the new or even seasoned builders, his expertise and experience was always welcomed. Time had passed and the building slowed along with Pops, the years of hard labor began to catch up with him. He settled into a new routine, he would drive his truck around the neighborhood slowly looking at his past masterpieces, visiting with relatives and neighbors from the comfort of the drivers seat, he would joke that he drove past the local funeral home to see if his name was on the sign yet, he would beep his horn if the windows were open and he wanted to visit, everyone would know it was Pops on his daily drive and would graciously come out and talk with him. His drive was cherished by many but a nuisance to others, you see he would drive very slowly so he didn’t miss anything, the same speed on the busy four lane roads as the side streets (about 20 mph on a fast day) but everyone knew it was Pops and just waved as they patiently passed him or if they spied his Dodge pick up truck ahead they found a new route to their destination, usually only a block or two out of the way. When Pops could no longer be his own navigator, my mom took up the task of taking him on his daily ride. When his name finally appeared on the funeral home board he did one last tour with dozens of cars following behind, all who had the pleasure of knowing Pops and had probably been stuck behind him a time or two.

Retro Show and Tell

Monday is show and tell day in my classroom. The students usually bring the newest popular toy, Trolls, Ninja Turtles, Lego Superheroes, Paw Patrol, or something electronic.  At last, something different, a toy that none of the kids have seen or played with before, something new, amazing, and magical. It didn’t make noise, have flashy colors, it wasn’t part of a new show, it isn’t seen on youtube and it wasn’t the hot gift this Christmas. 

He excitedly jumped up to the front of the class and showed off his toy. He described it as a red rectangle, two white controllers, and a magical grey screen. The other students guessed what it could be and he patiently stood there saying no at every idea shouted out. With a sly grin he showed them what it did. He turned the two circle controllers this way and that and a thin black line appears on the gray screen twisting in every direction, eyes widen and oohs begin. For the final act he turns it over shakes vigorously and ta-da the screen is blank again. Children look at him in awe…he smiles and says it’s an Etch-A-Sketch. 

Two Tales From The Grocery Store

Grocery shopping, one of my least favorite things to do. The parking lot packed full, the traffic jam of carts, the hoards of people peering at the shelves, excuse me and sorries to get what is needed, the dreaded roll of numbers, the lighted sign that counts to slowly, the exhausted workers that have been pleasing for so long, playing the lottery of which check out line, hoping you picked a winner, dodging back up lights navigating back to the car.
That was then, Now….

Set my alarm, 6:30 am on Sunday morning. The parking lot is wide open scattered with the morning crew, the carts lined up perfectly just waiting to be chosen, bright smiles greet us at every turn, no waiting at the deli, the butcher, the bakery, exchange of pleasantries and good mornings, full shelves and cartless aisles, a familiar face at the checkout only one lane needed this early, a husband acting like a child standing on the edge riding the cart across the parking lot, no worries of being hit. I love early morning grocery shopping.

Today: A First

Today I tried something new.
Today I stepped out of my comfort zone.
Today my friend gave me reassurance.
Today a glass of wine helped with the nerves.
Today I trusted someone else’s expertise.
Today my appearance has subtly changed.
Today I had my hair colored (first time ever).
Today I feel relieved…I love it and he does too.

Future Comedian

A transcript of a 4 year old future comedian leading our transition chant…….

Leader : Hands in the air
                 Hold up, wait a minute
Class :    Hold up, wait a minute
                 Whooo! Whooo!
Leader :  Hands up, touch your nose
                  Hands up, touch your toes
                  Hands up, touch your belly
                  Hands up, touch your BUTT ?!?!?

20 tiny humans belly laugh right into the next activity!!

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