Retro Show and Tell

Monday is show and tell day in my classroom. The students usually bring the newest popular toy, Trolls, Ninja Turtles, Lego Superheroes, Paw Patrol, or something electronic.  At last, something different, a toy that none of the kids have seen or played with before, something new, amazing, and magical. It didn’t make noise, have flashy colors, it wasn’t part of a new show, it isn’t seen on youtube and it wasn’t the hot gift this Christmas. 

He excitedly jumped up to the front of the class and showed off his toy. He described it as a red rectangle, two white controllers, and a magical grey screen. The other students guessed what it could be and he patiently stood there saying no at every idea shouted out. With a sly grin he showed them what it did. He turned the two circle controllers this way and that and a thin black line appears on the gray screen twisting in every direction, eyes widen and oohs begin. For the final act he turns it over shakes vigorously and ta-da the screen is blank again. Children look at him in awe…he smiles and says it’s an Etch-A-Sketch. 


4 responses to “Retro Show and Tell

  • Kim K

    Love the retro vibe! I can picture his sly grin. 🙂 Etch a Sketch is where it’s at. There is an instagram account called Princess Etch a Sketch- it’s beyond amazing what she can do with them!


  • Jen Driggers

    I just love the way you told this little story. I could totally picture a little boy with a sly smile showing an Etch-a -Sketch to a bunch of children staring at him in amazement. Love a retro Etch-a-Sketch!


  • Katie Diez

    Retro! Genius! I love how you have a knack for keeping the reader so engaged throughout…almost the entire Slice I was trying to figure out what the show and tell piece was….I laughed out loud when I figured it out!


  • helamin

    Oh my goodness, Nicole. Your build up is great! I found myself guessing right along with your kids. I admit- I had no idea what it could be until you described the thin black line. An Etch a Sketch! This slice takes me back!


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