Home Visit Day Hooray!

As I pull up in front of the house, eager eyes appear through the fogged up window wiped clear with excited hands.

A big smile welcomes me as the door is whipped open.

A little confusion in the happy eyes as to why I the teacher is in her the students home.

The ramblings begin….this is dog…he’s silly, I have toys, come play a game, my brother is at school, dad left for work, come see my room, we had a squirrel stuck in there (as she points to the pantry) dad got him out, we can do yoga like at school and she goes through all the positions.

Her mom gently tries to calm her down and apologizes for her energy but she is just being herself and I give mom a reassuring smile that everything is perfectly fine.

I open my enormous red and black plaid bag full of activities and she quickly focuses on the ones she wants to do. We play, cut, color, complete puzzles, sort, count, write, read, converse, and finish with a game of Zingo!

A gentle hug and quick goodbye as the door slowly closes.

Bright cheerful eyes return to the window and two hands feverishly wave as I pull out of the driveway.


6 responses to “Home Visit Day Hooray!

  • kmurphy1027

    It never ceases to amaze me at the excitement kids have when they see their teachers outside of school. How fun it must be for your students to have you in their home!


  • cathyjoweidner

    I completely feel for the mom here and I’m forced to reflect. I’ve been there where my child is hyper and acting silly, and I’m asking her to calm down. As her teacher, you probably already know she has a lot of energy…not sure why we as parents do things like this??? I’m just a guilty as the next, but I’ll definitely pay more attention now.


  • Katie Diez

    I am so jealous that you get to do this with each student! How proud those kids must be to show you all their “outside of school” life! What a fun slice- I could feel that students excitement!


  • lindsayogean

    I can only imagine what goes through these kids minds. They are probably overwhelmed with excitement that their teacher is coming to play!!


  • jess2e28

    Love this!! I can feel your student,s excitement just oozing out of your piece. Such a sweet story about an equally sweet child. Your students are lucky to have such a caring teacher.


  • Embekka

    Cute! Sounds like a fun time. It can feel awkward for the student to have a teacher come to their home, but it you made it a success.


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