Fat Tuesday

The first day of Lent, the day after the delicious Pączki. OH Pączki!! The tradition of eating those delectable delights on Fat Tuesday has been a part of my family long before my parents were born. A tradition my grandmother loved as a child, a tradition that our family will carry on long into the years ahead.

Every Fat Tuesday since Kindergarten my mom would bring Pączki into my classroom for all of the kids and teacher. We would devour them leaving powdered sugar, fruit, and whipped cream staining our faces.  It became a celebrated holiday amongst my classmates and future teachers every Lenten season.

High school came and I thought the deliciousness would end and wouldn’t you know my mom delivered Pączki to my friends and I, she even delivered some to my friends that attended another high school.

In College she drove two hours to be sure that my roommates and I didn’t miss out on this mouth watering tradition.

Flash forward to Fat Tuesday February 28th 2017 at 9:00am my fabulous mom dropped of 15 fresh strawberry Pączki for me and a few of my coworkers. I love traditions; especially sweet savory fried Polish ones.


5 responses to “Fat Tuesday

  • peteacher1

    My heart was smiling reading this thinking about such a strong tradition and a mother who doesn’t want her daughter to “go without.” You gave me a peek at your life with paczkis in such a short few paragraphs. “leaving powdered sugar, fruit, and whipped cream staining our faces” branded quite the cute image in my mind. Good slice, Nicole!


  • Katie Diez

    I love absolutely everything about this slice! The tradition, the love, the delicious treats! Can’t wait to read more from you this month!!!!


  • sgeijer

    Family traditions are the best! I love that even though you’re an adult, your mom still brings these delicious treats to you and your friends! So glad you’re back to slice! ❤


  • ccahill2013

    And, She’s back!!!!! Woo Hoo!!! I didn’t even have to stalk you 🙂 So, so glad you are back with us again this year! My mouth is watering from your slice. What’s up with your mom? Didn’t you tell her the address of the District Office??? Lol.


  • cathyjoweidner

    Jealous…I didn’t even get one yesterday!


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