My 2016 Resolution

In 2016 I vowed I would try something new every month.
In January I dove into the world of Essential Oils and finding natural remedies for everyday ailments. I have found a few I really enjoy but nothing life changing(yet).

In February I joined the local park district recreational center and committed to a full month of working out. If February was successful I would join a gym that offered more structured intense exercise classes in March.

February was a success so here I am four days into March and I have been to three 4:15am classes. Why only three and not four, you wonder?That’s a great question. The first workout was great, I was sweaty, exhausted, and it worked every muscle in the body. I couldn’t wait for the next morning, I had finally found the gym I wanted, not just needed. I was excited after years of excuses I was hooked.

March 2nd, workout number two, it worked every muscle again but it really focused on core muscles and legs. I felt amazing walking out the door, it was exhilarating I had finished another challenging workout. The class ended at 5:00 am, so I had time to jump back into bed after I shower and recoup before going to work.

6:15 my alarm sounds and as I stretch to silence it, I feel just how extreme that workout was. It was a good thing I had a conference to attend, so I would be sitting most of the day, I would be able to relax those muscles. I was sorely mistaken!!

March 3rd my alarm goes off at 3:45, time to get up and moving, my mind was all for it, I was ready to jump up and go. My body not so much. I tried I really did, but it didn’t take long for me to resign to the fact that workout number three was going to have to wait.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just lay in bed all day. I still needed to go to work and educate adventurous and active preschoolers. It must have been amusing to see because a few of my coworkers giggled as they watched me move from the chair, to the floor, then standing, walking to the library, and then back to the floor again. I can only imagine what they saw and the awkward ways I moved trying to find the least painful position. I thought I was hiding my discomfort well until one of my young students asked me if I was hurt and said he would help me up from the chair. He said I should go home and lay down and feel better. I was going to take his advice.

A few hours later it was starting to look like I would be missing that third workout for another day and I searched for some pain relief. I found my answer on Facebook. On my newsfeed was a post about a friend using essential oils, I ran no I limped over to my box of oils and found one for sore muscles. Minutes later my pants were around my ankles and I was frantically rubbing oils up and down my calves, thighs, my lower back, everywhere it hurt, it must have been comical because I heard my husband chuckle as I slathered the oils everywhere I could reach. Five minutes had passed, the pain was disappearing, I had just had my life altering oil moment, I’m hooked.

Workout three completed at 4:15am March 4th.


7 responses to “My 2016 Resolution

  • Lisa

    Oh my goodness! That just made me smile! The fact that you get up that early to work out – yikes! Good for you. And I saw the pain coming – day two or three is when the pain sets in. I work with preschool too – that comment just made me laugh! Thank you for sharing that slice – it made me smile – now get back to your oils!


  • ldehaan1

    Way to go!!! I have to tell you my muscles are sore just reading about your workouts.


  • Katie Diez

    You are my hero! I should join you as I am up around 4 daily! HA! I admire your willingness to jump in to new things…your dedication (especially at such a quiet hour) is amazing!
    Great piece!


  • sgeijer

    I love this! I love how you found a link between your January goal (oils which I’m sure Megan got you hooked on…she obsessed! haha) and your march goal! I am super proud of you for getting up at 3:45 to keep your commitment!!!! 🙂


  • lindsayogean

    YOU GO GIRL! This is more motivating than you know. I have been debating morning workouts…much later than your start time! I’m in. Let’s hold each other accountable. This is so impressive!!

    Liked by 1 person

  • hela124

    Good for you, Nicole! Way to stick with it! I made my intention to start working out this month and only made it one day. I think I went to the wrong class. It was pretty intense, and I left there feeling exhausted and sore- there was nothing exhilarating about it. Fast forward four days and I am still not fully recovered. You’ll have to tell me what essential oil you used to get rid of your soreness.


  • baabazuzu10

    try this OIL…Young LIving…Peace and Calming……….works wonders

    Liked by 1 person

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