No Meat Friday

Every year during Lent I do not eat meat on Fridays, I’m not really sure why I vow to follow this tradition every year. Maybe it’s the twelve years of catholic school and the fact that my family has followed this rule every Lenten season for as long as I can remember. We are Catholics and practice our faith sporadically throughout the year, but traditions are always followed by the members of my family. And this happens to be one of those important traditions. So, if I eat meat on a Friday during Lent the Catholic guilt washes over me and I feel like I committed a horrible sin. A little dramatic I know but it’s true! This is usually not a challenge, but today I was obsessed with everything meat.


Every other Friday: coffee and a sweet baked good

Today: a sausage Mcmuffin sounds delicious


Every other Friday: grilled cheese/cheese quesadilla

Today: chicken Caesar salad would be so divine


Every other Friday: cheese pizza

Today: mouthwatering steak is what I crave

Well…….I did not cave; I made it, guilt free for another week.


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