Out of the Mouths of Babes

As I was enjoying lunch today with a dear friend on my day off, I began questioning her about what I should write because I agreed to do this and had no game plan for what I was going to write for 31 days. She simply said share a story from your class, she has heard them all (just so you know I have many stories, mostly funny, a couple gross, a few enlightening ,but all very honest. One thing about 3,4,& 5 year olds is that they don’t sugar coat anything).

Our classroom is never quiet, there is always an eager child ready to tell a story about their day, family, dog, cat, imaginary friend, or ask questions about something they saw on TV or at home, and it never fails that one child wants to tell me that somebody else is doing something they are not supposed to be doing or saying.

I was sitting at a table practicing cutting skills with about 5 students, when a little girl who loves to point out when someone says a bad word, approached me and said,  So and so said a BAD word! I got  a very serious look on my face and asked, What did they say?  The “bad” words are usually stupid, booty, shut up, what the heck, I don’t like you,  etc. We talk about how those words aren’t nice and we shouldn’t say things that may hurt our friend’s feelings and we come up with different words to use. So as this little girl stood there, trying to recall what bad word was said, another student with three older brothers looked right at me,  shrugged and matter-of-factly said,  maybe he said “M**** F*****”. Then without skipping a beat,  went back and continued to cut out her shape. I got a collective ooooohhhh at the table and another student said,  that’s REALLY bad. Working with young students I’m pretty quick to respond, so I said,  yes that is a VERY bad word and we never say that at school with my best firm no nonsense tone, the whole time stifling a laugh and trying not to make eye contact with the paraprofessional in my room because I knew I would burst out into a fit of laughter. Then the storytelling nature of preschoolers began……..
My dad says that
my brother was grounded when he said that
my mom says that all the time
mine says it in the car
dad calls mom that
he says it on the phone

One even asked me …. Mrs. Bressanelli do you say that? Of course I said,  no we don’t say that at school and sometimes grown ups say it when they are mad but it’s definitely not a nice word. She then looked at me out of the corner of her eye with a sly grin and asked do you say it when your not at school? I giggled and said,  Nope I never say that 😉.

Parents of young children,  just a friendly reminder that your child will tell all of your secrets,  even the ones you don’t think they know!

Slice of Life March Writing Challenge

Slice of Life March Writing Challenge


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